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August 17 2009

People ask why not compromise and make it slightly more complicated for the user to gain a convenience for the developer. I say NFW. I fight for every inch of simplicity. Because every time you compromise you lose people. Add it all up and winning often means you fought for every inch.http://www.scripting.com/stories/2009/08/06/fightForEveryInchOfSimplic.html
— Dave Winer
Fixies -- fixed wheel bikes -- are one approach to simplify cyling and get back to the essence. With a single gear and often with no brakes you just pedal to go forward and stop pedalling to stop. While this style of riding doesn't suit everyone, these low-maintenance bikes are popular among cycle messengers and have attracted an ardent cult following.
This overarching idea of simplicity is what Mies van der Rohe, architect and leader of the Bauhaus movement in Germany during the 1920s, meant by his motto “less is more”. It’s what now, with latter-day eloquence, is called “KISS” (short for “keep it simple, stupid”).
The Economist: "When less is more"
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August 11 2009


Make things simpler

Smaller, not bigger.
Lighter, not heavier.
Quicker, not slower.
Mobile, not fixed.
Wireless, not wired.
Robust, not fragile.
Fewer, not more.
Portrait? Landscape? Square.
The intelligent man, when he dies, leaves no possessions.  If he has collected worthless objects, it is embarrassing to have them discovered.  If the objects are of good quality, they will depress his heirs at the thought of  how attached he must have been to them.  It is all the more deplorable if the possessions are ornate and numerous.  If a man leaves possessions, there are sure to be people who will quarrel disgracefully over them, crying, "I'm getting that one!"  If you wish something to go to someone after you are dead, you should give it to him while you are still alive.  Some things are probably indispensable to daily life, but as for the rest, it is best not to own anything at all.
— Kenko, "Essays in Idleness"
Simplify and add lightness
— Colin Chapman, founder of Lotus Cars
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